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Title: Scott5/21/2015 8:18:30 AM
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Title: Service5/18/2015 12:54:33 PM
Easy online ordering, great value, quality is always tops, pleasant drivers. No one will be dissatisfied.
Title: delivery3/30/2014 9:00:39 PM
I live at 60 River St. I am wondering if you deliver. It only five minutes away in traffic. It is two miles away. How much do I have to order in order to get delivery? Can I pay by debit card or do I have to pay cash. Please get back to me thank you.
Title: Service Provider3/1/2016 6:32:49 AM
Good morning. We at Halco Energy have over 31 years of service. We have knowledge and experience in HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration, and electrical. We service over 17 counties around the Finger Lakes, including Syracuse, Rochester, and being open from 9pm 7 days a week, we are able to respond to any need at any time. Also being a NYSERDA contractor and utilizing Halco for your maintenance needs. We are able to reduce your utility usage by up to 30 percent and pass on any rebates. I believe we would be best at servicing you. I appreciate you taking the time to review Halco and look forward to hearing from you. You can visit us at for more information. Duane Crespo Commercial Account ManagerOffice: (800) 533-3367Mobile: (315) 879-8456
Title: 2019/1/31 22:12:39
This place used to be so good but it's gone down big time, missing food, chewy disgusting meat, no seasoning, found a piece of metal on my food and the steak was ice cold and completely raw ..lost a good customer
Title: 2018/6/27 17:30:01
We order from you alot and tonight we were very disappointed. The flavor was not there. We had company and ordered over $40 worth of food and bragged about how good the food is and as always order extra spicy for two meals and they were sweet/not spicy. The hot and sour soup was like water. No favor at all. The szechen chicken was blande. We felt bad because we were seving to others that we thought would bring you more business. I feel bad. Thank you for listening. LuAnn
Title: 2017/11/23 1:26:23
Title: 2016-05-21T15:52:43.914-07:00
Love them! Fast quality food. Super nice delivery people. Just need to work on the white rice, to st
Title: 2016-03-03T18:32:22.132-08:00
This restaurant has gone down hill! I always order from them but no longer will. I ordered over an h
Title: 2015-02-28T17:00:44.841-08:00
The service is downright terrible. We ordered take-out at 6pm they still had not delivered
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