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Title: 2024/2/21 13:42:23
Title: 2024/1/10 7:54:58
Hello. I represent the country’s leading franchise consulting firm, Franchise Creator, responsible for growing over 600 businesses into multi-million-dollar empires, all through franchising. I am personally reaching out to you again because I truly believe you have developed a great concept which we can help you expand through franchising. I’d like to chat with you about our program and our proposed strategy to grow your company nationwide. Please use the following live calendar link to book a call with me: Looking forward to speaking with you.
Title: 2023/8/4 17:50:13
Food was so dry never order again go to chef king off lyell Ave in gates so much better just threw away 30 bucks in food away
Title: 2023/8/4 17:48:50
I spent almost $30.00 and the food was dry and tasted old will never order again chef king on lyell Ave in gates never fails been ordering from them for almost 20 years best Chinese food I've had so I moved to Greece and tried representing the name but they have are not the same
Title: 2023/7/25 13:30:47
Answer the phone. Ppl trying to call
Title: 2023/4/5 14:41:13
No broccoli with my lunch combo 10 dollars very disappointing
Title: 2022/9/13 14:01:54
Hi, I'm Mike, I just noticed that there is the "server error 500" appearing on some of your website pages. I'm pretty positive that those types of errors won't be appreciated by your customers and can significantly reduce the number of clicks from the Google. I've decided to help and created the document for you with a few screenshots of errors and also indicated the links to the pages where they appear, hope it helps. Here is the link to the doc: Have a good day!
Title: 2022/6/4 14:38:25
That’s shame
Title: 2022/6/4 14:37:14
Wrong order wrong size and they didn’t want to fix it they said I had to repay they lost a customer same on them.
Title: 2022/6/10 20:27:23
This place is the worst place to ever get Chinese food from. If you ever order from them you're going to be sorry. I will never order from them again. They're disgusting and you know it's funny how the Chinese lady in the back. She doesn't do nothing all day with sit on her fat little ass. But yeah it makes everybody else do all the work and when you're waiting to pay your bill she'll sit there and look at you when they're busy and won't take your bill. But you know what their food is. So disgusting. It doesn't matter cuz I'll never go back there again. What a disgusting ass place. Their food is horrible. F****** horrible. I will never ever order from them again
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